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Monday, September 19, 2022

The encyclopedia of vitamins, minerals, and supplements (Free eBook to Download)


Interest in vitamins, minerals, food supplements, and herbs is growing. This book provides nonjudgmental coverage of nutritional options without advocating any particular ones. Mainly for the layman, it is presented in easy-to-read A-Z format and updates the 1996 first edition with 100 new entries, including Bee pollenChondroitin, Fen-phen, Golden rice, Green drinks and superfoods, Green tea, Mediterranean diet, Nutraceuticals, Quinoa, Reishi mushroom, Stevia leaf powder, and tempeh. The more than 900 entries focus on how to use the substances safely, their effects on nutrition, their uses as treatment for assorted health concerns, and common misconceptions about them. Articles on individual vitamins and minerals are detailed. The entry on vitamin E, for example, has sections on history, deficiency, dosage, RDA, and toxicity, along with three charts.

The book ends with 11 appendixes. Some new information appears in the nutrition chronology and the bibliography. Completely new appendixes are "Position of the American Dietetic Association: Food and Nutrition Misinformation," which gives extensive discussion of vegetarian diets; "Health and Human Services Acts to Reduce Potential Risks of Dietary Supplements Containing Ephedra"; and "NCCAM Consumer Advisory on Ephedra-- Revised February 28, 2003."

The author is a registered nurse who writes about alternative medicine and other health topics. As part of the Facts On File Library of Health and Living, this work is recommended, for high-school, public, and community college libraries. Carole Deily

Is Now Free to Download

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