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Thursday, July 27, 2023

New discovery from Harvard, The cocktail for longevity

Harvard researchers have discovered a remarkable "chemical cocktail" capable of reversing aging in mice within just one week. The cocktail has the remarkable ability to rejuvenate old cells in muscles, tissues, and select organs. Aging and longevity expert, David Sinclair, a researcher in the department of genetics and codirector of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at Harvard Medical School, shared these groundbreaking findings on Twitter.

Over the span of three years, Sinclair and his team at Harvard conducted research involving mice receiving six distinct "chemical cocktails." These cocktails demonstrated the ability to reverse crucial aging indicators by revitalizing senescent or aging cells, all while preserving their distinct cellular identity, as noted in the study.

Sinclair took to Twitter to share the exciting findings, highlighting that their investigations encompassed various tissues such as the optic nerve, brain tissue, kidney, and muscle. The results proved promising, showing improved vision and extended lifespan in mice. Additionally, in April of the same year, they observed enhanced vision in monkeys as well.

Sinclair said, “This new discovery ignore=true offers the potential to reverse aging with a
single pill, with applications ranging from improving eyesight to effectively treating numerous age-related diseases.”

The cocktail of Longevity

The cocktail comprises a diverse array of molecules, including valproic acid, an anti-seizure medication utilized for migraine and mood disorders, as well as a cancer drug known for its anti-aging properties.

Sinclair believes that we are on the verge of developing a reverse-aging formula capable of restoring youthfulness.

According to Sinclair's Twitter account, his team is gearing up for human cellular trials using gene therapy to explore the potential of reverse aging. In response to a question, he confirmed that human trials are expected to be available within a decade.

Sinclair further expressed that numerous research groups are in competition to demonstrate the rejuvenating effects of chemicals, akin to what gene therapy can achieve. He envisions a future where age-related diseases can be effectively treated, injuries can be more efficiently repaired, and the dream of complete whole-body rejuvenation becomes a tangible reality.

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