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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Facts about spermidine


Spermidine is a molecule that has been found to slow the aging process. This compound is found in wheat germ, which makes it a special dietary supplement that may help protect against various age-related diseases.

Spermidine is a supplement that protects your brain, your heart and has the same effects on human cells as fasting. Its beneficial effect comes from the improvement of stress response activity together with a reduction in free radical formation, a decrease in oxidative damage to DNA and proteins and detoxification of heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium.

Longevity Labs+ seeks to validate efficacy of spermidine supplement through clinical studies in longevity. It is our firm belief that a major obstacle to the acceptance and uptake of this supplement has been the lack of scientific data supporting its use. In order for a substance -- be it a medicine or a dietary supplement -- to be widely accepted, it must first be shown to have health benefits. If a substance does not provide benefit to its users, then it will continue to go unnoticed and unappreciated by society at large. Our goal is to take this important compound from being just a supposed therapeutic agent in modern medicine into an anabolic compound that improves physical performance while simultaneously extending lifespan.

spermidine is one of the most studied and clinically researched alkaloids. Through clinical studies and natural laboratory studies, spermidine has been proven to be a safe, efficacious and well-tolerated compound that’s capable of enhancing the effects of other nutrients.

Spermidine has been shown to reduce oxidative stress and increase mitochondrial function.


As we began our search for the ideal source of spermidine, it was a challenge to find a high-quality option. After assessing hundreds of substances, wheat germ emerged as the optimal source.

It may sound like we should all just eat more wheat germ products, but Dietz explains why that’s not really an option, and also why it’s so difficult to source spermidine in significant quantities.

“There are lots of wheat germ oils out there, but you can’t just eat a bag of wheat germ and have a substantive amount of spermidine content because there’s a process of oxidation that destroys the polyamines,”

“And also, not every wheat germ is the same, so we can’t extract if the base level of the spermidine in the wheat germ is not at a certain percentage that we need. In any given situation, only 30 to 40% of wheat germ will actually contain spermidine and polyamines in the form that we need for extraction.”

Clinical studies

As the first company to bring a spermidine product to market, Longevity Labs quickly attracted interest from research institutions keen to assess the impact of supplementing with natural polyamine.

“Currently we have five clinical studies running, and this year we hope that’s going to go up to 10,” says Bijelac. “We are a startup and we don’t have lots of money for clinical research. But, since we were the first supplement out there, universities ask us if we want to collaborate.”

“We are not designing these trials, we receive inbound inquiries for studying particular indications based off the line of research,” adds Dietz. “We just provide the resources for them to do so. It’s a phenomenal position to be in from a corporation’s perspective, because we have people interested in using our product for their own research that shows additional efficacy.”


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