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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Wine, a god-given longevity beverage from ancient times.


Folks who drank wine had a roughly 5-year longer life expectancy than men who abstained from alcohol.
Long-term moderate alcohol consumption boosted life expectancy and decreased the risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality. 

Can wine delay aging?

According to recent studies, a red wine component may help slow down the consequences of aging.
Red grapes' skin contains resveratrol, which gives the fruit its color and may prevent the deterioration of brain cells as we age. 

Wine consumption promotes longevity

Red wine is one of the best sources of the polyphenol resveratrol.
It is a potent antioxidant that is present in red grape juice and grape skin.
The body uses antioxidants to combat free radicals, which can harm our cells and organs. 


Wine drinkers are they healthier?

Researchers discovered that wine drinkers "reported considerably higher fiber intake and decreased consumption of saturated fat [and] cholesterol" when compared to other drinkers.
Although their levels of fiber consumption were comparable, wine drinkers also consumed less fat and cholesterol than nondrinkers and former drinkers. 

red wine

"A glass of red wine replenishes the collagen and elastic fibers that are lacking in our bodies by delivering antioxidants like resveratrol, flavonoids, and tannin.

Why is that beneficial?

You can seem younger by fighting age-related disorders with enough collagen and elastic fibers "Komova advises.

Researchers do claim that wine consumption in moderation is not harmful, despite the divided opinions on the subject.
In general, healthy adults who drink moderate amounts of wine should limit their intake to one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men.
Five fluid ounces (148 mL) of wine is the equivalent of one drink. 

How much wine contains resveratrol?


Every continent's wine connoisseurs enjoy it, and it has been around for millennia.
In addition to resveratrol, red wine also includes tannins and polyphenols.
These substances each offer unique health advantages.
And strangely, certain varieties of wine contain more of these substances than others (particularly resveratrol).
Which one do you choose then? Simple solution: red wine. 

types of wine compared to resveratrol supplements :

Type of wine

Average amount of resveratrol mg/100 ml

Number of glasses (150 ml) you’d need to drink to get the 250 mg of resveratrol in supplements

Red Wine (St. Laurent, Pinot noir)



Rose Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah)



White wine (Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc)



Sparkling wine (Champagne, Prosecco)




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